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Workout Monthly Challenges

I’ve always loved a challenge and I’ve decided to join a new challenge every single month of 2021. It is both rewarding and healthy to participate in various challenges. I am, as probably everyone who reads my articles has realized by now, completely dependent on nature, and it’s therefor natural for me to find outdoor challenges.

2021 can only be better than the year we just left behind – The year when Covid-19 happened. I’m looking forward getting the vaccine, and getting back to the new normal. I hope you will join me on my journey of 2021, and maybe even participate in my new idea; Workout monthly challenges – Let’s do it together.

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January Workout Challenge

I personally think that having challenges is a great way of staying healthy, and it’s a lot of fun.

This month I have actually signed up for 2 challenges:

  • Dirty Girls Challenge: Hike, jog or ski 100 km before January ends.
  • KK- Mile: Run 5 km, 23.01.2021.

Dirty Girls Challenge:

My Precious
Sandra – My Precious

Dirty girls challenge is an offspring from a mud race that is arranged for girls and ladies every summer in Kristiansand Zoo. This is actually an obstacle course race (OCR) that involves a lot of running in mud – Very fun. The income from this race goes to the cancer association – Cancer that affects men to be specific. The ladies wish to make a difference in men’s life this year.

Since we had a different year with Covid-19 in 2020, this race had to be canceled and new cool challenges were created; Dirty Girls Challenge is one of those. I love this virtual concept, as it speeds up people’s motivation to get off the couch and into nature.

Every day I go for a hike or run, I transfer data from my training watch (or app) to my profile on the current challenge so that all my km are recorded correctly.


KK- Mila is not due before 23. January. This month I will settle for a 5 km run. KK- Mila usually takes place in the capital of Norway, Oslo and is also a race for women. The money raced at this challenge goes to a very good cause – The Breast Cancer Association.

I think that raising money for such good causes, makes the whole experience even more fun. You get to participate in the battle of cancer AND increase your own health. If there is one positive thing 2020 and the Covid-19 situation has given me, it’s all the fun virtual challenges and races created and completed. I’ve loved them all, and I’m really looking forward to what 2021 has to offer.

Hike Of The Week

A field of Swarovski
A field of Swarovski

This week has been cold (- 8 degrees Celsius), but absolutely beautiful – Not a gust of wind, sun and frost on the slopes. Is there anything more beautiful than a landscape covered with sparkling frost? I enjoy every step I hike when small Swarovskis of nature shine on my way.

The first hike this week was to a small mountain close to where we live here in Sandnes, Norway. The mountain is called Krossfjell and is not higher than approximately 300 meters above sea level. This is a very nice 8 km long round hike from home.

On my way towards Krossfjell I pass a lake, Bråsteinvannet, which is right next to where I live. It is such a beautiful sight when it’s covered in ice. As always, I hiked with my very best and most loyal hiking friend; Sandra (My Rhodesian Ridgeback princess). She never disappoints me when it comes to hiking (as long as it does not rain that is. Ridgebacks truly hate the rain).

Getting closer to the mountain I pass a farm, and the hiking route actually starts in their yard. This is very nice as we get to say hello to all the animals living there.

Fence Splitter – A Dog’s Nightmare

Fence Splitter
Fence Splitter

The first part of the ascent is very straightforward, as it is on a tractor road. Furthermore, we move out to large fields where cows, sheep and goats usually graze. Today we are alone, and Sandra can run free in the beautiful open landscape to her great joy.

Fence splitter …. My dear Sandra’s worst enemy and a Dog’s nightmare … She refuses to make any attempt climbing these what so ever. As always we need to find a hole in the fence somewhere, because she’s way too heavy for me to carry.

Somehow we always tend to find a solution to this problem. This time the dog found the hole on its own. After this obstacle is climbed, there is only one last sprint left – the steepest part. Krossfjell is not very high, and the hike up is easy, so this part is no problem.

When we reach the top, it is just unbelievable what a view we actually encounter on such a small mountain. We enjoy the view for a while as usual before heading home before dark. As always me make time for some playtime on our return home.

Mother Nature At Its Best

Enjoy Nature
Enjoy Nature

I am very fond of photography – Especially nature photography. On every hike I take, I always bring my phone or my camera with me. I simply can not help but capture nature in the camera lens. Mother nature has so much beauty to offer, and every single hike has something new to offer.

I can hike the same trails to the same destinations over and over again. I’ll have a whole new perception of the hike from day to day – It never gets old. This is what I love about mother nature – I never get bored.

Of course, it’s always incredibly fun and interesting to experience new destinations, something I strive to do as often as I can. In a hectic everyday life, this is not always easy to accomplish, and I usually go to familiar but dear places in weekdays, so I simply save new destinations for the days that I have more free time, like the weekends.


Top of the mountain – Krossfjell

Most people go on hikes in areas close to their home, and save the longer and more challenging hikes until they have free time. It is not the length and the degree of difficulty that matters, as long as you get out and stay active to some degree.

You need to find out what works for you. As you have seen, I’m driven by different challenges and races – But also I need my daily hikes, I’m addicted to them. As I mentioned in my first article: It’s addictive, but in a very good way.

There are many ways of getting into hiking, and one very smart way is creating challenges like the ones I’ve explained to you. I know there are a lot of virtual races, hikes, walks and other different challenges nowadays worldwide, so get online and check it out. It’s so much fun, and it’s giving you that often needed push. Least but not last there’s usually a medal waiting for you when the challenge is over.

I’ll share my monthly challenges with you, and pictures along the way of course.

I hope you found some inspiration from this article. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.



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