• Beach Hike

    Norwegian Beach Hike

    Norway is well-known for its beautiful coastline, and the beaches of “Jæren” are very popular among surfers, hikers, and campers from all over. I’m blessed to have these amazing beaches so close to me, and I’ll share them with you all today. I love the Norwegian beach hike and the hiking trails along the dunes. Not only are the beaches beautiful, but you also get to feel the sea breeze, hear the seagulls, and taste the salt along your journey. It’s a therapy for your mind and soul – free of charge. Beach Hikes Near Me As I said in the introduction, I’m fortunate to have several beaches close to…

  • Trolltunga

    How To Hike Trolltunga

    Norway is known for its amazing nature – Mountains, fjords, the coastline, and forests. Today I’ll write about how to hike Trolltunga – a spectacular mountain I’ll visit this summer. This is a very popular mountain, and many tourists pay their visit every year. It’s located in Ullensvang municipality in Vestland county, at the western end of the Hardangervidda (also a popular trail). Trolltunga has been on my bucket list for some time now, and I can’t wait to check it off. *Affiliate Disclosure: As an affiliate marketer, I must mention that if you click any of the links and buy the product, I may be paid a commission for…

  • Krossfjell Hike

    Workout Monthly Challenges

    I’ve always loved a challenge and I’ve decided to join a new challenge every single month of 2021. It is both rewarding and healthy to participate in various challenges. I am, as probably everyone who reads my articles has realized by now, completely dependent on nature, and it’s therefor natural for me to find outdoor challenges. 2021 can only be better than the year we just left behind – The year when Covid-19 happened. I’m looking forward getting the vaccine, and getting back to the new normal. I hope you will join me on my journey of 2021, and maybe even participate in my new idea; Workout monthly challenges –…

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