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Norwegian Beach Hike

Norway is well-known for its beautiful coastline, and the beaches of “Jæren” are very popular among surfers, hikers, and campers from all over. I’m blessed to have these amazing beaches so close to me, and I’ll share them with you all today.

I love the Norwegian beach hike and the hiking trails along the dunes. Not only are the beaches beautiful, but you also get to feel the sea breeze, hear the seagulls, and taste the salt along your journey. It’s a therapy for your mind and soul – free of charge.

Beach Hikes Near Me

As I said in the introduction, I’m fortunate to have several beaches close to where I live. It’s a short drive to go beach hiking. We have a common name for the beach area, from ‘Tungenes’ in the North to ‘Sirevåg’ in the south – ‘Jærstrendene’. This area has a total length of 70 km.

The beaches were protected in 1977. In 2009 this was revised to; ‘Jærstrendene landscape conservation area’. Parts of this revision are about birds and plant protection areas. Let’s dive into the beaches you can visit in Norway.


Borestranden/Bore Beach: One of my favorites with its chalk-white sand and the blue sea. At first glance, it may seem that you have gone to a southern country. During summer this is a popular place to swim, surf, hike and just hang out. The summer temperatures in Norway can vary a lot – Some days are hot (up to 30 degrees Celsius) and others can feel like autumn.

The sea temperature is what I like to call “tolerable” It’s not warm to be precise. Be aware of strong undercurrents if you plan to go swimming. Surfers come to Bore beach all year – The most experienced surfers love the autumns and the windy days. It’s a great place to hike all year round.


Orrestranden/Orre Beach: This is my favorite beach -A 5 km chalk-white sea sand beach with steep dunes in the background. The turquoise-colored sea is just an amazing sight and the fresh sea breeze clears your mind. It’s not allowed to surf, kite, board sailing, camp, cycle, or pick flowers at Orre beach after it was decided in 2017, Orrestranden was awarded the blue flag to meet strict requirements for clean water and clean surroundings.




Vigdelstranden/Vigdel Beach: A beautiful family-friendly beach in Sola which is shallow with no danger of underwater currents. This is a small beach compared to others, but the hiking trails around are amazing. The top, ‘Vigdelsveten’ is located just above the beach (the highest point in the ‘Jærstrendene’ landscape conservation area).

The hiking trails at Vigdel are exciting with much variety in the landscape along the path. A popular goal for this hike is the two rocks; ‘Steinansiktet’/The stone face and ‘Presten’/The priest.


Solastranden/Sola Beach: Is located in Sola, close to the Sola Airport. This is the beach most people have heard about when visiting Norway. It’s been nominated to one of the most beautiful beaches by Sunday Times – and with good reason. The beach is 2.3 km long. Surfers and kiters love Sola Beach and use it as often as they can.

It’s a great beach to hike, both by the waves and behind the gorgeous dunes on the sandy trails. Why not end the hike by grabbing a snack at Sola Strand Hotel?

Accommodation Near Beach

The four beaches mentioned above are all part of ‘Jærstrendene’. There are several alternatives to where you can stay, and I will mention some of them here:

Borestranden/Bore Beach:

  • Boretunet Hostel: Brand new facilities at the beach. This is a great alternative if you want to stay close to the beach and the trails around. Boretunet is four tiny houses divided into apartments – They all have their own character, and all the houses are unique. When you stay here, don’t forget to sign up for a surf course. Price: From 748 NOK/86.99 USD.
  • Bore Beach Camping: This is very nice camping, where you can sleep in your own tent, caravan or rent a cabin. They are open all year round. Price Cabin: From 600 NOK/69,78 USD. Price Caravan: 400 NOK/46.52 USD, electricity incl. Price Tent: 75 NOK/8.72 USD for children, 150 NOK/17.45 USD for adults.

Orrestranden/Orre Beach:

  • Reveparken Hytteutleie: There are 8 cabins for rent. The cabins are located on the edge of a forest area which also contains a camping camp. The cabins are only 800 meters from Orrestranden with great hiking terrain and good swimming opportunities in summer. Price: From 500 NOK758.42 USD – 6500 NOK/759.47 USD (Depending on the season, cabin size, and the rental period).
  • Bryne Kro & Hotel: A nice and newly renovated hotel in a small town called Bryne. The hotel has a golf course, and you can rent equipment for this at the hotel. The staff is very nice and service-minded. Orrestranden is a 7.1 km drive from the hotel. Price: From 750 NOK/87.63 USD per night.
  • Jæren Hotel: Is located in the middle of Bryne town. It’s a great hotel, with a 24- hour reception, and friendly, service-minded staff. The chef is very talented, and the meat they serve is local from Jæren. The distance to Orrestranden is a 7.4 km drive. Price: From 1000 NOK/116.84 USD.

Vigdelstranden/Vigdel Beach:

  • Ølberg Camping/Oelberg Camping: A beautiful campsite located by Ølberg beach – A magical, small beach in Sola, Stavanger. The distance to Vigdelstranden is 3.2 km. The season is from May 10th to August 30th. Price Cabin: 600 NOK/70.10 USD. Price Caravan: 250 NOK/29.21 USD (incl. tent, car, MC, etc).

Solastranden/Sola Beach:

  • Sola Strand Hotel/Sola Beach Hotel: Sola Strand Hotel is idyllically located by the dunes on Solastranden, just outside Stavanger. They can offer 135 hotel rooms, modern conference centers, a renowned kitchen, a first-class restaurant, unique function rooms, and Nordsjøbadet Spa. Price: From 1000 NOK/116.84 USD.
  • Quality Airport Hotel: A popular conference hotel, centrally located by Solastranden and Stavanger Airport. Breakfast, parking, and transfer to/from the airport are included in the price. Price: From 900 NOK/105.16 USD.

Interval Training In The Dunes

Why not add some extra exercise once you’re at the beach? Do you want to burn extra calories, feel the taste of blood in your mouth and the lactic acid in your body? Add some interval training sessions to the dunes. 

This is a great way to get fit, and many people use this form of exercise to get in shape quickly. In Norway, there are several top athletes who swear by interval training in the dunes to get in shape quickly before major sporting events.

Add some rounds to the beach hike, where you run up and down the dunes – Make it 3 – 5 minutes intervals, and repeat for as many times you feel is OK. You can add abdominal exercises to the interval breaks to gain even more from the training.

If you are not used to running, walking up and down the dunes is also an alternative. This can be a good way to start if you’re not used to interval training or running for that matter. You will still burn calories and feel the lactic acid in your legs.

The Sound Of Sea

The sound of the sea – Hearing the waves wash inland as I walk along the sea, smelling the sea, and seeing millions of small diamonds glistening on the sea, makes the hike perfect. I’m not only getting physically trained, but also mentally. It really has a therapeutic effect on me, and gives me inner peace – It’s a form of meditation to me.

A hike on the beach does wonders for the body and mind. I get more creative, motivated, and focused. I get to sort my thoughts, and I find inspiration for new ideas and inventions. It really is a win-win situation – An exerciser for body and mind.

The sound of the sea and waves is often used for therapeutic purposes. Some people have the sound on their headset while working, while others play the sound when they go to sleep, to name two examples.

Many people work in office landscapes, which can be distracting for some. Playing the sound of waves and sounds of nature, in general, can help people concentrate better. I’ve used this technique myself several times when I need to get some sleep before the night shift.

~An ocean breeze, puts the mind at ease~

Are You Ready To Get Sandy?

Are you ready to explore the wonderful benefits a sandy beach hike can give you? Are you ready to get sandy?

Get out there, get your feet sandy, and feel how body and mind are filled with new energy, new motivation, and new creativity.

In Norway, we have long periods with cold weather, wind, and rain, but this won’t stop me from visiting the beach. The fresh air, the wind to my face, and the big and dramatic waves can be just as rewarding as the warm summer day hikes are to me.

Of course, during summer you can take a dip when you have finished the beach hike… I’m not so sure I’d love this during winter time – Though there are some people swimming all year – Crazy people :-).

The Norwegian beach hikes are amazing, and I hope you got some inspiration from reading this article.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.


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