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Gloppenuten – A Magical View

Gloppenuten is located in Rogaland county in a municipality called Gjesdal. It’s one of my favorite hikes, and a place I will return to, many times in the future.

This hike has become very popular, and offers beautiful and varied terrain and an idyllic atmosphere.

From the top I can promise a magical view – which extends in all directions. You can see the entire Madland area with Vølstadnutene, Madlandsheia and Bukkafjellet around you. To the west you can see all the way to the sea.

What’s in it for you: You’ll get a magical day hike with great rewards using little effort.

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An Unforgettable Day In My Life

The first time I visited Gloppenuten, I hiked with a good friend and colleague. We had a very nice hiking experience that day, and we both agreed that this was a hike to repeat.

The hike up was a little longer than we first assumed, but it didn’t matter to us as the terrain was so incredibly beautiful and varied. We enjoyed every step of our hike. What we did learn though, was that you may want to do some research in advance so you know exactly what you can expect.

On the way up we were completely put out by the beautiful nature with its small rivers and beautiful lakes. The trail was very easy to walk and the surroundings were absolutely magical.

We met a married couple after hiking for a couple of hours, whereupon we asked: “Are we getting close to our goal, Gloppenuten?” They smiled a little and said: “Well, you’re about halfway there”. Lol. We were a bit inexperienced mountain hikers at this time, and had not done our homework well enough in advance. We took it in stride, and continued our trek towards the goal.

Not long after we had talked to the other hikers, we could glimpse Gloppenuten in the distance. We continued our journey, and finally reached the top. What a wonderful experience – A magical view that stretched as far as the eye can see. Beautiful nature in all directions – A majestic feeling I’ll never forget. This is truly an unforgettable day in my life.

Gloppenuten Hiking Facts

Breathtaking hiking trail

Gloppenuten is located in an established hiking area, with various relevant destinations close by. In winter, the area is suitable for skiing on great ski slopes – Many opportunities for both hikers and skiers.

Good To Know:

  • Distance: 10.4 km / 6.462 miles.
  • Duration: 3 – 4 hours.
  • Height: 630 m / 2067 ft.
  • Parking fee: 50 NOK / 5.82 USD.
  • Grading: Medium.
  • Area: Ryfylkeheiene.

How To Get To Gloppenuten:

It’s a 46-min drive from Stavanger to Brekko – Which is the starting point for the hike to Gloppenuten. You will stay on E39 from Stavanger to Ålgård, and turn left when you see the sign to Oltedal. Keep going towards Oltedal on Fv286. When you are almost in Oltedal, you will see a sign with Brekko, at the end of Limavatnet, the lake. Turn right and stay on this road till you see Madlandsvatnet. Here you will turn right again, and your destination is reached.

There’s a big parking space when you arrive Brekko – They ask for 50 NOK / 5.82 USD in parking. The funds are used for road and parking maintenance.

The best time to visit Gloppenuten is the period between Mai – October. The trail is well-marked with red dots and it’s impossible to get lost. It’s no crossing trails, so when you’re on the trail to Gloppenuten, there’s only one way to the top.

What To Wear For Hiking Gloppenuten

A little lake

You should always keep in mind what clothes and equipment you need before setting out on a hike. When you are going to Gloppenuten, it obviously depends on what time of year you plan to do the hike, and what the weather forecast tell you.

The first time I hiked this trail, I kept in mind that it may be colder and more windy at the top – Thank goodness. It was a nice late summer day my friend and I went on a hike, and we wore regular training tights, t-shirts and hiking boots.

Let me tell you, that I was quite happy that we each chose to pack our backpack with enough water, some lunch and wool basic layer top + wind and waterproof jacket, because it was quite windy at the top of Gloppenuten this day.

What to Wear For a Day Hike To Gloppenuten:

  • Hiking trousers / tights (wool basic layers on cold days).
  • Top that suits the weather conditions (t-shirt on hot days / wool on cold days).
  • Waterproof and windproof jacket.
  • Good socks that do not cause chafing.
  • Hiking boots / shoes.
  • Headband / hat.

You should bring a backpack with the necessary provisions to the hike. Bring enough water and some food / snacks to maintain energy. It is always wise, and in my opinion necessary, to think safety. Therefore also bring a small first aid kit just in case.

Good Accommodations


If you are a visitor, it is always good to know about the accommodation options in the local area. Maybe you are thinking of taking more excursions in the surrounding areas? I have made a list of good accommodation options for you:


  • Kronen Gaard Hotel, Lutsiveien 70, 4309 Sandnes (13.8 km by car) – Price: 1395 NOK per night / Breakfast incl.
  • Gamla Vaerket Hotel, St.Olavsgata 38, 4306 Sandnes (15.7 km by car). – Price: 1179 NOK per night/ Breakfast incl.
  • Quality Hotel Residence, Julie Eges gate 5, 4306 Sandnes (15.5 km by car). Price: 869 NOK per night/ Breakfast incl.

Cabins / Camping:

  • Veen Gardscamping, Gloppedalsvegen 1661, 4389 Vikeså (40.5 km by car) Price: From 395 NOK / Small cabin.
  • Byrkjedalstunet, Hunndedalsveien 3231, 4335 Byrkjedal (32.8 km by car) Price: From 960 NOK per night.

There are a lot of other hotels, cabins and guesthouses to choose from, and they are all available online. If you want to combine the hike and the nature experiences with some cultural town atmosphere, you should pay Stavanger a visit as well. I can recommend Old Stavanger as a very interesting place to visit.

Other Things To Do:

In addition to hiking, there are many other things to do in the areas around Gloppenuten. You can swim in one or more of the many small lakes, fish, paddle a kayak or canoe, etc. In Norway there are certain rules for fishing, and in many places you’ll need a fishing license to get a permit to fish (These can be bought in kiosks in the surrounding areas)

Free rod fishing in Madlandsvatnet by the farm Brekko, Big- and Small Foretjørn, Mjåvatnet and Gloppevatnet. Also, adapted for wheelchair users. Another alternative is driving to the seaside – Fishing in the sea is always free.


Magical view

Gloppenuten is a perfect hiking destination that gives you an incredible reward for relatively little effort. The hike will take 4 hours (more or less). Then you’ll have plenty of time enjoy the beautiful landscape on your way up, as well as enjoy the view for a while when you have reached the top.

I love finding destinations like this – Comfortable and well-marked trail with a magnificent view at the top. This is a trip I can highly recommend to anyone. It is entirely possible to take the children with you if they have a little experience moving in nature, and can manage to find patience for a day hike.

Gloppenuten has its own place in my heart, and I hope that one day you will also experience this great place.

I hope you found some inspiration from this article. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.


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