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I love a good challenge. Implementing various challenges gives me motivation and helps me push my own boundaries.

I aim to complete a new challenge every month. Many of these challenges today are virtual due to the pandemic we are still in.

This page will contain the various challenges I will participate in in the future. I hope you will join me on my journey.

Virtual challenges 

Dirty Girls Challenge 2021

I love that virtual challenges are available in some otherwise boring times, where many people feel isolated and do not quite know what to do.

By signing up for virtual challenges, I can almost guarantee that you will find new motivation. Brush the dust off your sneakers or hiking boots and throw yourself along.

I wrote in a previous article; Workout Monthly Challenges | How To Hike The World, that my goal in 2021 is to participate in one new challenge every month – So far I have participated in three challenges, and am well underway with the fourth.

January Challenge KK-Mila Race 2021

In January I participated in a challenge called KK-Mila. You can choose whether you want to run, walk, ski 5 or 10 km. Since I have not been jogging for some time, I chose 5 km – Now I will concentrate on improving my time and go on to the 10 km distance in the coming summer/autumn.

KK- Mila Race is an incredibly nice race for women. The money raised in this race goes to the Breast Cancer Association – A very good cause. The medal will of course arrive in your mail after the race is completed.

Dirty Girls Challenge was also completed in January – This year we ran/hiked for the men, and all the money raised went to men living with cancer.

Dirty Girls Challenge lasted throughout January, where the goal was to hike, run or ski 100 km. This boosts the motivation to get out there every day. It gives me immense pleasure to see how I am constantly approaching my goal day by day.

The medal was very nice, and arrived in my mail one day before the challenge was over – It goes without saying that the medal stayed nicely in its box until I had completed the challenge of course.

February Challenge Norgesmila Race 2021

Norgesmila – A race where you choose whether you want to run, hike, or ski 5, 10, or 21 km. I chose 5 km – As I have just undergone shoulder surgery. I am so proud and happy with my own efforts despite my “shoulder obstacle”.

I contented myself with a leisurely jog, combined with a little brisk walking uphill this time. The medal came as ordered a day before the race was completed – It was of course hung up in my medal collection after the challenge was finished.

March Challenge Laugavegur Trail Challenge

Laugavegur Trail Challenge (Pacer Adventure Challenges). This is a challenge where I will hike & jog a total of 80 km in 14 days. I would probably do it in a shorter period of time if my shoulder would cooperate 100% with me, but I think 14 days was a decent time frame for this challenge.

Pacer Adventure Challenges has become very popular among people worldwide, and I will definitely sign up for more of their challenges.

The real Laugavegur trail is stunning, and it is one of my future hiking goals when the pandemic is over and we can travel again. It’s located in Iceland – A beautiful country with lots of great hiking routes.

I Dare You – Join a Challenge


Do you want to check out some challenges? I dare you, go ahead and join a challenge. You won’t regret it.

Virtual challenges are a brilliant idea, and it’s a lot of fun to participate in. This was really a small rescue for me these days, where we are otherwise prevented from participating in much.

I can strongly recommend this to everyone. It’s a great way to stay in good shape and you get to enjoy nature and the fresh air every day. Last but not least, you will feel mastery when you cross the goal line.

I hope you will join me, and that you will find some inspiration from my journey. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.



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