• Health Benefits

    Hiking Health Benefits

    Did you know that people around the world are so inactive that it can lead to various health challenges? We are becoming increasingly sedentary – both at work and in everyday life. New technology and the development of society simplify our physical everyday life, which in turn leads to different types of health challenges. In this article, I want to focus on hiking health benefits. Even though society is set up for a less active everyday life, we can make sure that we get the physical activity body and mind need to function optimally. Let’s tie our shoelaces and explore the world together – Let’s go hiking! Physical Health Benefits…

  • Trolltunga

    How To Hike Trolltunga

    Norway is known for its amazing nature – Mountains, fjords, the coastline, and forests. Today I’ll write about how to hike Trolltunga – a spectacular mountain I’ll visit this summer. This is a very popular mountain, and many tourists pay their visit every year. It’s located in Ullensvang municipality in Vestland county, at the western end of the Hardangervidda (also a popular trail). Trolltunga has been on my bucket list for some time now, and I can’t wait to check it off. *Affiliate Disclosure: As an affiliate marketer, I must mention that if you click any of the links and buy the product, I may be paid a commission for…

  • Windy at the top

    Gloppenuten – A Magical View

    Gloppenuten is located in Rogaland county in a municipality called Gjesdal. It’s one of my favorite hikes, and a place I will return to, many times in the future. This hike has become very popular, and offers beautiful and varied terrain and an idyllic atmosphere. From the top I can promise a magical view – which extends in all directions. You can see the entire Madland area with Vølstadnutene, Madlandsheia and Bukkafjellet around you. To the west you can see all the way to the sea. What’s in it for you: You’ll get a magical day hike with great rewards using little effort. *Affiliate Disclosure: As an affiliate marketer, I…

  • Hike Iceland

    How To Hike Iceland – The Volcano Island

    Iceland – The volcano island, also known as The land of fire and ice is on my travel bucket list. This is a destination I’ve been dreaming of for a long time. Iceland is known for its magnificent wild nature, and is a mecca for hikers. A little about Iceland’s history: The story begins in the ninth century, when the island, located in the North Atlantic Ocean, was populated, mainly from Norway and from the British Isles. Iceland was then a free state until the 13th century, when the country was subject to the Norwegian king. After the Reformation in 1536, Iceland formally became part of Denmark. In 1918, Iceland…

  • Krossfjell Hike

    Workout Monthly Challenges

    I’ve always loved a challenge and I’ve decided to join a new challenge every single month of 2021. It is both rewarding and healthy to participate in various challenges. I am, as probably everyone who reads my articles has realized by now, completely dependent on nature, and it’s therefor natural for me to find outdoor challenges. 2021 can only be better than the year we just left behind – The year when Covid-19 happened. I’m looking forward getting the vaccine, and getting back to the new normal. I hope you will join me on my journey of 2021, and maybe even participate in my new idea; Workout monthly challenges –…

  • Åslandsnuten

    How To Get Started With Hiking

    There are many types of hiking, and it has become a very popular activity over the years worldwide. I have learned to like this activity in my adult years – We were not very active hikers when I was growing up, but we have always been surrounded by forest, sea and nature. This has probably been an underlying reason why I have learned to love hiking – In the woods, on the beach and in the mountains … anywhere basically. Do you ever dream of tying your shoelaces, packing your backpack and go for a hike in nature? Let’s take a closer look at how to get started with hiking.…

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